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HeathWave, Inc., of Santa Barbara California, has formed alliances with 3M Corporation of St. Paul, Minnesota and TapeMark Corporation, the manufacturer's of the highly successful Breathe-Rite Strips. The Aroma Patch products have seen international acceptance since they are the only FDA Compliance Approved patches in the world today. 

Art Williams, President & CEO of Healthwave Inc. - Developer and Creator of the Aroma Patch line of products. Art Williams is the President and CEO of HealthWave, Inc., of Santa Barbara, CA., and has been an Internationally recognized businessman for over 20 years. Art has dedicated the last 3 years of his life to creating the world's finest aromacology products. Working in conjunction with 3M and TapeMark (the manufacturer's of the highly successful Breathe-Rite Strips), Art created a safe, simple and fun way to enhance dietary management programs and help people gain control of their weight. Also, Art has created the Aroma Energy Patch to help with fatigue or lack of concentration. With this product you can enjoy the exhilarating and energizing benefits of the Aroma Energy Patch to help the mind and body. 

Throughout Artís career he has received several corporate and civic recognitions for various achievements. He has been a member of organizations such as New Zealand Green Peace, the World Wide Life Fund and has been past President of the Wellington Restaurant and Cabaret Association and a member of the Institute of Directors, London. and and are owned and managed by Steven P. Petrosino, Ph.D. and he is authorized by Mr. Williams as distributor of the Aroma Patch dietary management patch and Aroma Patch Energy Patch in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and world-wide. We are the manufacturers of Aroma Patches.

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